31 Oct

The Best Restaurants in Athens

Situated close to the bountiful Aegean Sea and with beautiful weather in the summer, Athens offers pure culinary delight in terms of fresh and locally sourced food. Athens’ best restaurants highlight classic Mediterranean cuisine, but when it comes to where to eat in Athens there is also an array of options hailing from other parts of the world. Cooked by skilled and passionate hands in an array of high-class dining establishments, the elite gastronome can enjoy a meal fit for the Gods of Mount Olympus. These are our picks of the best restaurants in Athens, Greece.


Alfresco dining at Spondi Thanks to its two Michelin stars, Spondi has become a point of reference not only for Athenian gastronomes but for those throughout Europe.Located close to the first venue of the modern Olympics, the Panathinaiko Stadium, Spondi has streaked ahead in terms of taste and presentation. The head chef serves a menu that changes according to the seasons and his creative imagination. The food is artful and packed with exquisite flavors, and touched by a hint of exoticism.Upon request, Spondi offers private dining on its immaculately decorated first floor. As one of top restaurants in Athens, Spondi was voted to a spot on the Elite Traveler list of Top 100 Restaurants in the World 2017.  More: spondi.gr

Funky Gourmet

Funky Gourmet is revered for its innovative and playful cuisine that draws on Greek tradition. Located in the heart of Athens within the lively Keramikos district, this restaurant has been garnering rave reviews since it opened in 2009. After the first Michelin star was awarded in 2012, a second Michelin star was added in 2014, elevating its gastronomic reputation. With the two chefs, Georgianna Hiliadaki and Nikos Roussos, working alongside the restaurant’s manager, Argyro Hiliadaki, the restaurant aims to fully engage guests in an exciting and unconventional way. Expect dishes like Greek bottarga tartlet with white chocolate. In addition earning Michelin Guide recognition as one of Athens’ best restaurants, Funky Gourmet made Elite Traveler‘s Top 100 Restaurants in the World 2017. More: funkygourmet.com

GB Roof Garden

GB Roof Gardens with a view of the Acropolis. Situated on the most famous square in Greece, Hotel Grand Bretagne is one of the city’s great dining destinations with the scenic rooftop proving to be particularly enticing. GB Roof Garden serves the capital’s most sophisticated crowd new Mediterranean cuisine in an elegant setting, which is especially captivating with a view over the city. With executive chef Asterios Koustoudis at the helm, the restaurant serves dishes such as carre and leg duet of lamb, olive gnocchi with Florina peppers confit and yoghurt, and sea bass confit in olive oil and green vegetables with steamed oysters and truffle. More: gbroofgarden.gr


The Acropolis sits in the distance on the Papadakis terrace. Papadakis may not be among the handful of Athenian eateries to boast a Michelin star, but it is arguably one of the best places to experience authentic Greek cuisine. Sitting on the foothills of Mount Lucabettus in the upmarket area of Kolonaki, it offers respite from the hustle and bustle of Athens and boasts views of the stunning Acropolis from its shaded dining terrace. Only serving the best and freshest seafood available, the menu changes as often as the sun sets. The daily specials are usually exquisite while the Paros Island Chickpeas – slow-cooked for 15 hours – are a must for any diner. More: papadakisrestaurant.com

Estiatorio Milos Athens

The restaurant’s mission: simplicity, elegance and exquisite organic food. The fish served to diners is line-caught by a group of local fishermen, delivered daily and seasoned with authentic, clean and simple ingredients. The beautiful green veranda offers a wonderful summer oasis from the bustling city. For the discerning traveler, Milos offers a beautifully decorated private dining area, or for a true Milos culinary delight, a chef’s table can be booked for that perfect dining experience. Celebrities who have dined at Milos include Beyoncé, Nicole Kidman, Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow. More: milos.ca

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